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Merger - Swillington Health Practice with Oulton and Marsh Street

Swillington Health Practice Joins Oulton Medical Centre and Marsh Street Surgery.

From 1 November 2018 Swillington Health Practice (SHP) will be a branch site of Dr Freeman and Partners.

Oulton Medical Centre & Marsh Street Surgery have 500 registered patients who live in the Swillington area so believe that the joining together not only preserves SHP but enhances their service to all our patients.

SHP will take with it 1 GP, 1 Nurse and 4 reception and the staff at Oulton and Marsh Street will begin working at SHP. 

As the joining process progresses, the patient community of all 3 practices will be offered appointments at any of the locations.

As it is now, it will be up to the patient to decide which location they choose to attend.



In order to ensure the safe and timely transfer of patient information as Swillington Health Practice (SHP) joins Oulton Medical Centre (OMC) and Marsh Street Surgery (MSS) a number of interim measures are required to be put in place.

SHP NHS computer system will merge with OMC & MSS on Tuesday 6th November. Thereafter SHP system will cease to exist.

·       From Monday 22nd October all SHP registrations will be carried out at OMC. Patients can register at any of the 3 locations. Patients will fill in the documents as normal but the information will be entered on the OMC NHS Computer system.


·       The NHS computer system for the 3 Practices needs to be taken off line in order for the merger to happen. This will occur from 1600 Tuesday 6 November and all 3 Sites will be closed (OMC, SHP, MSS).


·       Gp and Nurse Appointments that would have been available from 1600 – 1800 will be moved earlier in the day to reduce any restriction.


·       GP appointments on the 6th and 7th of November will be ‘Book on the day’ to ensure maximum availability to the patient population.


From 7th November all Patients will be able to access services from any of the 3 locations.

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